Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules


  • A maximum of 15 players may be on a team roster. Only 12 t-shirts will be provided by teams
  • All rosters must be coed and include at least two members of each gender.
  • Players must add themselves to their team roster on the District Sports website prior to the tournament. Any player who does not do so will not be allowed to participate. 

 Tournament Check-In Procedures

  • Teams should check in to the main tent at least 20 minutes before the start of their first match on tournament day to receive their team's shirts. The shirts must be worn as the team's uniform unless special permission has been granted by tournament staff. 
  • All team players will need to be named on team's roster and be able to present a picture ID at check-in.
  • Lost team shirts are not the responsibility of the tournament administration and suitable replacements must be made by the team before play begins.


  • Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the FIFAâ??s Laws of the Game as well as the letter of the Law.  Displays of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area. 
  • All Referee decisions during game play are final and cannot be over ruled. On-site tournament staff will serve as a second set of eyes, in case of infractions or inappropriate behavior is not witnessed by the referees, both in game and off the field.

Tournament Format 

  • Teams will be divided into skill divisions. Within each division there will be separate groups. Each team will play an aggregate of at least 120 minutes of soccer, split across multiple games.
  • 3 points for a win, 1 point for draws, 0 points for a loss. 
  • Playoff rounds will be constructed in different ways for each skill category; either quarterfinals, semifinals, then a final, or semifinals and a final. In all instances, the first tie-breaker is goal differential, second is goals against, third is head to head.  Final tie-breaker will be a coin flip.

Tournament Rules of Play 

FIFAs Laws of the Game will be used as the basis of all rules with the following modifications: 

  • All players must wear proper equipment to play in all matches. Shin guards must be fully covered by proper socks.  Any items that have hard plastic or metal parts are considered dangerous and not allowed to be worn during play  
  • If a team is unable to field a proper team within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time of the match that team will forfeit the match and the opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 victory.  If neither team is able to field a proper team on the field both teams will forfeit the match to be recorded as a 3-0 defeat for each team.
  • The size of the field of play has been modified to suit the number of players and field locations. 
  • Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions so long as two of each gender remains on the field. Substitutions are on-the-fly, but must take place from either the sideline or behind the goal a team is defending.
  • Group round games will end in ties at the end of regulation play; subsequent elimination games from the second round and on will play a single 5-minute, golden goal overtime to begin immediately after regulation time expires.  If still tied, teams will go to a 5 round penalty kick shootout. If the shootout is tied after five rounds a sudden death shootout will commence until a winner is decided. Any player may who played during that game may shoot. 
  • Penalty shootouts must include at least one shooter of each gender in the first three shots. If the penalty shootout gets to a seventh shooter and two players of each gender have not already participated, the seventh shooter must fill that quota. In common experience, this means at least one woman must shoot within the first three shooters, and two women must shoot by the time the seventh penalty is taken.
  • Slide tackling is not allowed, except by the goal keeper inside their own penalty area, and can be considered either a foul or playing in a dangerous manner as determined by the referee.
  • Yellow cards are not cumulative and do not carry over from previous matches.
  • Referees will send players who have received yellow cards off the field for at minimum a 2-minute "cool down" period. They may be replaced on the field of play.
  • Any player receiving a red card shall be disqualified from current match as well as the next match. Any player receiving a second red card during the tournament shall be banned from all remaining matches.

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